Remastered 'Barbara Broadcast' Collectors Edition Coming Soon

MILLSTONE TWP., NJ—Classic adult film producer Distribpix is proudly announcing the upcoming release of Radley Metzger’s Barbara Broadcast, scheduled to be available in mid-July for the first time in a Collector’s Edition DVD and Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, with pre-orders available soon.

Following the successful and critically-acclaimed restored deluxe releases of The Opening Of Misty Beethoven on Blu-ray and DVD, Distribpix has digitally re-mastered Radley Metzger’s Barbara Broadcast. Presented completely uncut, the new Collector’s Edition release of Barbara Broadcast continues Distribpix’s Henry Paris line, honoring both the film and the filmmaker with revealing supplements that document the history and importance of this picture.

Welcome to the world of Barbara Broadcast, a former high-class prostitute turned acclaimed author of erotic books, as she burns up the screen in a series of the most erotic sequences ever filmed in adult's Golden Age. Played by the stunning Annette Haven, Barbara is interviewed by journalist C.J. Laing in an elegant restaurant where gourmet food and gourmet sex are both on the menu. C.J. Laing then ventures into the kitchen for a smoldering encounter with Wade Nichols that would certainly be in the running for the greatest sex scene ever filmed. Other standout moments include a corporate office encounter and a sex scene set in a busy Manhattan night club, before an intense finale featuring the return of "Misty Beethoven" herself, Constance Money, and her tormentor Jamie Gillis, in a hot S&M-tinged coupling. Also look for appearances by other classic hardcore celebs like Susan McBain, Sharon Mitchell, Clea Carson, and Bobby Astyr as the maître d'.

Though its format is that of a "loop carrier"—light on dialog and heavy on sexual action, as were so many early adult films—Barbara Broadcast takes its inspiration, not from classic literature as had Metzger's previous films, but from an actual New York night spot, the Olympia Ballroom, where most of the action takes place—most notably in the restaurant's kitchen.

A review on the website Cult Movie Reviews stated, "As is usual with Metzger's films the acting is rather good, with both Annette Haven as Barbara and C. J. Laing as the reporter demonstrating good comic timing in addition to various other skills... Like all of Metzger’s movies it's beautifully photographed and it has a sense of style and a feeling of classiness that you don’t normally associate with hardcore porn. And while it is undeniably porn, it’s intelligent and artistic porn."

Radley Metzger’s fourth film made using the alias "Henry Paris," 1977’s Barbara Broadcast is truly one of the greatest adult films ever made. Featuring many of the great actors of the 1970s New York scene, Metzger’s style and artistry coupled with his trademark charm and humor make this one of the classics of erotic cinema. Expertly photographed and acted with the right mix of charisma and sex appeal by a true cast of adult film legends, Barbara Broadcast is a superb example of Radley Metzger at the top of his game.

To see a promotional video for the release of the remastered Barbara Broadcast, click here. Also, check out the web pages devoted to the Collector's Edition DVD here, and Blu-ray Combo Pack here.