Regan Starr

Regan Starr appears in Rough Sex 2, but she's not exactly giving it her good housekeeping seal of approval.

G. Ross: "Was there anything you were asked to do that you didn't want to do?"

Starr: "I wasn't asked really anything during the scene. I was told prior to the scene that there was going to be spanking which is in almost every video that you ever watch. I was told that there was going to be hair pulling which is in a lot of videos, too. I couldn't finish the scene. You could tell. I got the shit kicked out of me, but that was not in the program. I was not prepared to be roughed up that much. I couldn't stop crying for the rest of the day. I was traumatized from that video. They did not tell me that they were going to be literally hurting me. They asked me if rough sex was okay. I said yes. Because every scene that I've ever been in has been a little rougher than I would normally have it in my relationship or without being on film. It's for the effect, but the effect doesn't necessarily mean that it's absolutely realistic. People fake spanking all the time where it doesn't hurt but it looks like they're being rough with you. This was absolutely real. I could not finish this scene. It was absolutely terrible. It was an atrocity. This is the worst line ever put out there. It's right up there with snuff videos.

"I didn't finish my scene because the beginning of it was so harsh I had to stop before we finished the scenario. We didn't get to the sex or the kissing-part. They built a scenario where Mickey G. is coming into a warehouse. He's talking to the guy who owns the warehouse. Mickey has his choice of the women who are for rent or sale. He goes down the line and roughs up the girls verbally saying they're worth nothing, they're pieces of shit, etc. It's terrible degradation until he gets to me and that's when it started. It was nothing personal, but he was told to do that by Christopher Alexander and Mark Hamill who directed the movie.

"Mickey G. on a personal level is a good friend of mine but he was told to be extremely realistically rough. He was allowed to hit hard, choke hard and to pull hair hard. There were times when he slapped me so hard that he left a mark. He choked me while lifting me off the ground. He shoved my face into the cement floor. He threw me over his shoulder, cutting off my air. Choking me was one of the worst things. I hate when anybody touches me in the face.

"I knew that this was going to be a rougher sex scene, but I was not prepared for this realism. To handle someone with my body size and frame, to handle any woman that roughly, Mickey was not being false about it. He was hurting the girls. He was given the green light to hurt the women for the effect of the video. I was told before the video that, and they said this very proudly, mind you, Mark and Christopher made it aware to me that in this line most of the girls start crying because they're hurting so bad. They're brought down emotionally, and they're brought down, physically."

G. Ross: "This is what they told you?"

Starr: "That's what they told me. But before we started I said I don't want it to be real, I don't want to hurt, and I don't want to cry. They said if you can't finish, we'll stop filming. When they started the video, I was absolutely amazed that they were literally trying to hurt me and make me cry. I started crying. I couldn't breathe. I was being hit and choked. I was really upset, and they didn't stop. They kept filming. You can hear me say turn the fucking camera off and they kept going. Finally, Mickey G. realized I wanted to stop, so he sat down and tried to calm me down and hug me. They just kept on filming. That whole line should just be fucking banned. Excuse my language. It's terrible what they do to women. Nobody wants to be hit, kicked around or choked.

"If they think women are into that, they're dead wrong. What women might do for money is a different situation but it still doesn't make it right. You go through things as an adult actress. You realize what your limits are and you realize about how clear you need to be about your boundaries. This is an experience that made me very aware that when people misunderstand what your boundaries are, then you become a victim. No woman should be treated that way. This video brings our business down. If a woman were to go to a set like that and she was new, and didn't know what to say or what to compare it to, well, she would definitely walk away from that thinking she would never work for porn people again because of the lack of consideration, sympathy and care that companies like this show for the women."

[We have contacted Anabolic for a response to Regan Starr's comments.]