Red Light Releases Special <i>Paris</i> Prison Edition

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Paris Hilton's recent stint behind bars has inspired the folks at Red Light District to reissue their AVN award-winning blockbuster DVD 1 Night in Paris, this time in "Collectible Prison Packaging."

The limited edition 2-disc set features an hour of bonus footage, with steel bars and a big lock over the familiar box cover art. In connection with the release, is offering 24 hours of unlimited free access to virtually all Red Light titles (with the exception of 1 Night in Paris).

Explained RLD's Larry Schwarz, "People can go in and for 24 hours watch any movie they want to that involves Red Light District, and they don't have to pay a dime for it. And hopefully, of course, it's to drive them to join the Club, because there's no way they can watch all the movies, nearly 500 of them, in a 24-hour period. But so far, our conversion rate's been phenomenal. People that do use it have converted at an extremely high rate."

To take advantage of the online offer, go to

To purchase the collectible Prison Edition of 1 Night in Paris, go to