Red Light District to Vivid: Cease and Desist

Red Light District is seeking to block Vivid Entertainment's distribution of a sex tape featuring 'Flavor of Love' contestant Jennifer "Toastee" Toof, claiming that the parties who brokered the footage violated a previous agreement with RLD.

On April 30, Vivid announced plans to release the 40-minute video on DVD and the internet under the title Toastee Exposed. According to a Vivid press release, the company acquired the sex tape from celebrity image broker David Hans Schmitt.

"We had two agreements with the agent that is distributing the footage," RLD head David Joseph told "One is that Red Light has the right of first refusal for all sex tapes that this agent is seeking to distribute. Secondly, we had a written agreement with the person who has the Toastee footage, and this agent confirmed the agreement and in their own words said in an email that it was 'a done deal.'"

Red Light sent a cease-and-desist letter to Vivid on May 2, claiming that RLD made a deposit on the property after receiving the agent's e-mailed confirmation of the deal last week.

"The agent asked for a deposit for the arrangement that we had, and we promptly deposited the requested [amount] in the bank account," Joseph said. "We confirmed it was for the Toastee deal. I went away for the weekend and came back to an email from the agent that said, 'oh sorry guys, we've decided to go with Vivid now."

Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch offered no comment on the matter at press time.