Red Light District To Shoot <i>De'Bella's Young Fellas</i>

Red Light District's Larry Schwartz told that shooting will begin next week on a MILF movie built around De'Bella.

As Schwartz explained of the three-scene movie, "It's entitled De'Bella's Young Fellas."

Shwartz went on to extol the unique nature of the project. "We're not aware of anyone having built a movie around any one MILF," he said. "It's kind of an experiment in one sense of the word, but also De'Bella has gained a lot of notoriety and a lot of popularity from the mainstream talk shows."

De'Bella has gained a lot of mainstream exposure recently, according to Schwartz. "She's been on "The Insider" twice," he said, "and they're wanting to do a third one. She's been featured in the New York Times. She was just on "The Maury Show" with Maury Povich last week which will be airing during the May sweeps."

De'Bella also recently performed a wild interracial scene for director Diana DeVoe's Momma's Got a G Thang, slated for release through Red Light's Candy Shop label.

As far as the upcoming shoot goes, Schwartz gave the breakdown, "Next week we're shooting on the first, second and third. The first scene will be De'Bella, John Strong and two others. The second scene is all interracial, and the third scene will be two guys and her."

Because America loves its MILFs.