Red Light Allegedly Acquires Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee Sex Tape

LOS ANGELES— Sources have told AVN that adult studio Red Light District is in possession of content of a sexual nature featuring Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. The content is allegedly a sex tape, the existence of which was announced by TMZ today. The TMZ post was accompanied by a photo of McGee and another woman frolicking naked in a bathtub with the Red Light District logo visible on the lower right of the photo.

The source declined to say anything further regarding Red Light's intentions for the alleged tape, and owner David Joseph was unavailable for comment, but the official marketing of the content began in earnest today with the post on TMZ announcing its existence. The gossip site also quoted from unnamed sources saying the alleged tape features “two separate sexual encounters—one with a tatted-up man ... and one with a tatted-up woman (above) ... both shot within the last year.”

The footage is described as “private XXX liaisons," which stretches credulity, to say the least. Adding to the “mystery,” the TMZ scoop states, “And there's this—we're told there's even more Bombshell sex footage floating around, but it's so extreme ... RLD is considering not releasing it for legal reasons.”

Holy sex scene, Batman! So extreme it may not even be released? That can only mean one thing—Bombshell had sex on tape with someone without tattoos! If true, that is footage that must never see the light of day.

We also note that the colorful McGee, who came to national prominence as the other woman in Jesse James' complicated love life while married, has also flirted more directly with the adult entertainment industry by being featured last year on the website of talent agency L.A. Direct Models, though we are led to understand she did not book any sex scenes through the agency.

Thus, the alleged "civilian" sex caught on tape, which, if it is to be released commercially, will only be done with the signed consent of its leading lady. According to TMZ, the sex tape will be part of a two-DVD box set released in 2012.

Red Light District has some experience with high profile sex tapes, having acquired the DVD rights to Paris Hilton's infamous 1 Night in Paris back in the day.