Red Light’s Bootleg Counterattack

The massive sales of Red Light District’s 1 Night in Paris DVD – nearing 400,000 pieces, according to the company – would seem to be reason for celebration. Instead, say Red Light officials, the number of bootlegged copies of the Red Light release on the street may surpass the number of official DVDs.

And they intend to do something about it—to the tune of a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons bootlegging 1 Night in Paris.

This is an unprecedented response to an act that is increasingly becoming commonplace in the adult DVD business.

"I'm aggressively going after all these people who are distributing counterfeit Red Light District product,” Red Light president David Joseph told “I'm going to put the main guy's head on a post. I want everybody to know who it is. No expense will be spared in hunting them down. When people find out that this kind of money is being offered, watch how fast they turn over on each other."

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Click here for detailed information on how to spot a fake 1 Night in Paris.

Gregory Piccionelli, Red Light’s general counsel and a senior member and co-founder of Los Angeles intellectual property and entertainment law firm Brull, Piccionelli, Sarno & Braun, is actively pursuing the issue of piracy of the company’s products worldwide.

“Red Light’s materials are in incredible demand out there, particularly the Night in Paris product," Piccionelli told “Red Light District has commenced a very, very vigorous enforcement regime, which involves undercover investigation and appropriate litigation. ... The investigative phase has been ongoing for some time, and I think in the coming months you will see the fruits of those investigations.

“More so than anyone else in the hardcore adult entertainment area, I think counterfeiters and piraters should beware of Red Light District. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the level of commitment to enforcement of intellectual property rights that I do with Red Light District.”

Any persons with information about the replication, sale or distribution of bootlegged 1 Night in Paris copies are asked to immediately contact Red Light District’s president, David Joseph, at 1.800.288.1077 or 1.818.678.6690, or by email at [email protected].