Real-Time, Online Customer Verification: has announced that it has developed a unique Real-Time Online Customer Verification System.

“Myvirtualcard's goal is to provide turnkey e-commerce solutions to online merchants around the world,” said myVirtualCard President Norton Burah. 

Myvirtualcard is offering an eCommerce solution for online merchants that can integrate seamlessly into any Website. They believe they have accomplished what will be a dramatic reduction in chargebacks with this new Real-Time Online Customer Verification System. 

The system gathers the identification of the customer through telephone password identification with the ultimate goal of deterring fraudulent activity. Transactions and authorizations will be completed almost instantaneously, enabling the merchant to provide their services and/or ship their orders to their customers with fewer worries.

"There is clearly a need in the marketplace for this solution and we want to aid every online merchant in the reduction of this problem,” Burah told “There is extensive interest from many other processing companies we've met to implement our technology into their backend infrastructure. What we hope will come from this is a new credit card verification standard in the industry, something that we recognize will benefit this online industry sector.”

Debuting at the Internext Expo last August, myVirtualCard's is a cost effective, secure, transaction-processing solution that provides a new customer verification process the company believes will dramatically reduce the occurrence of chargebacks and improve your bottom line. 

“Internext 2003 was a huge success,” noted Burah. “A phenomenal number of merchants we met with are interested in working with us and we are working on finalizing these relationships right now.”