Rayveness Asking For Donations

As if being added to the first generation of possible HIV-positive adult stars in the wake of the recent Darren James HIV scandal wasn't bad enough, veteran adult star Rayveness lost her purse yesterday and cannot pay her rent this month. Feeling dejected by the industry and ostracized for her over-30 age and recent plight, Rayveness is seeking help from fans to get her life back on track.

"I've had a rough time lately, and I'm hoping my fans can help me out," the busty Southern belle told AVN.com. "I lost the purse somewhere between my stop at AIM yesterday and returning an ear piece to a [prop house]. It had about $300 in it, but I was already having a tough time making my rent and bills this month, so it was just one more bad thing that happened to me this week."

To help out, just go to www.Rayveness.com, where a Paypal account has been set up for donations to help pay her rent and medication and birth control bills. She is also dancing at Classy Lady in Van Nuys this week, where fans can purchase lap dance, videos and memorabilia, and pose for photos.

"Hey, I ain't afraid to work for my money," she laughed, trying to keep her spirits up.

You go, girl.