Ray J: 'Don't Hate On My Hustle'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - "I'm having way too much fun," says Ray J, the ex-child actor and R&B/hip-hop performer who shot to porn infamy this year in Vivid's bestselling celebrity sex video Kim Kardashian Superstar.

Born Willie Ray Norwood, Jr., Ray J was best known as the younger brother of R&B star Brandy who starred on his sister's hit TV show 'Moesha' -- until now. These days, people know Ray J as the guy breaking off a piece of Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian's badonkadonk.

"It turned from crazy reactions to a crazy business," Ray J told AVN. "This has been a year-long story; that's the good thing about it. I'm talking about this shit daily; whether it's commercial or X-rated, I'm not afraid of being successful."

Ray J isn't just talking about Kim - he's rapping about her on a new collaboration with hip-hop insult king DJ Kay Slay. A new CD Ray J Unkut includes tracks such as "No Porno Shit," "Spendin' All My Bitches' Cash" and "Kim K Message (Parts 1 & 2)," a remix of Kim's private voicemails to Ray J recorded shortly after news of the sex tape broke.

"What I want to do is make sure people are entertained with great stories, and that's what I deliver on this CD," said Ray J. "I'm puttin' it all out on the table. I talk about my boys fuckin' their homegirls and Paris [Hilton] don't like it... I'm incorporating my life into my music, which is the only honest way to be."

Since Ray J insisted on honesty, AVN asked him about the rumors of a golden shower sequence cut from the Kardashian video.

"Who knows what happens in Cabo?" Ray J laughed. While he wouldn't elaborate specifically, he did acknowledge that urinating on a woman in the shower is acceptable in some social circles.

"In the shower, it washes off," he said. "It's not like peeing in the bed...that's disgusting!"

With Vivid releasing the uncensored Kim Kardashian Superstar on Nov. 14, Ray J is keen to cash in on the publicity. He told AVN that numerous adult producers have offered him deals in the wake of the Kardashian video.

"Steven [Hirsch] still has an offer on the table for me," he said. "I'm considering a lot of things - when a lot of money is offered to you, you've got to look at it and take your time. I'm building my brand and my businesses. I've always liked to be independent...straight up, nobody tells me what to do. I make my own money."

The uncensored Kim K disc offers over an hour of extra footage, including never-before-seen sex. Ray J told AVN that the video originated from several different tapes which Vivid edited without his involvement.

"That [video] was for me to see," Ray J said. "She loved it. We had a fun relationship; what you see is how I am in real life. All I know is we had fun, we did what we did, and it's over."

Or is it?

Both Kardashian and Ray J have made out well in the wake of the sex video. Kim is now starring in the E! Channel reality series "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" ("I love the show because it's very slutty," Ray joked) and appears in the December issue of Playboy.

Unlike Kardashian, who first denied the video's existence and then tried to block its release in court, Ray J seems comfortable with his unlikely role as amateur porn star.

"A lot of people are buying this," he said. "It is what it is. Don't hate on my hustle - this is America!"

Ray J's website is online at www.rayj.com. He can also be found at www.myspace.com/rayj.

Vivid's official Kardashian site is online at www.kimksuperstar.com.

For DVD sales of Kim Kardashian Superstar, contact David Peskin at (866) 466-6969 ext. 108 or email [email protected]

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