Raul Cristian Receives Best Int'l Label Award at Venus

BERLIN (Press Release) - Evil Angel director Raul Cristian accepted the award for Best International Label at the eLINE Awards held Oct. 17 during the Venus Berlin expo.

Cristian expressed his appreciation while accepting the award for his company Cruel Media: "I want to thank first of all to ALL our fans, because everybody knows like I do that the fans are the ones that pay our bills, and thanks to them we ALL have such a beautiful life! A huge thank you for all our distributors, and especially for Mr. John Stagliano and everybody  from Evil Angel - the company with whom Cruel Media started to be present on the DVD market. Having such partners is a dream of any producer like I am. I am proud to work with such people."

As he the producer/director was finishing his acceptance speech, the band and audience sang “Happy Birthday” to Cristian, who celebrated his birthday at midnight during the awards ceremony.