RankHigh.com Logo Contest Winner Announced

Search engine optimization specialists RankHigh.com announced the winner of their GFY.com logo contest this afternoon. The winner goes by MachineGunKelly and won a cash prize of $200. The winning logo will be featured prominently on the RankHigh.com. 

“I decided to start a contest so I could get the best logo possible for our Website,” RankHigh.com owner Yan Campbell told AVN.com. “The contestants have to design the best logo(s) that they can, and I will choose the one that I feel is the best fit for our site. There are no limits as to how many logos someone enters and the winner will receive bragging rights, $200, first dibs on our new logo projects, and will get some publicity through the contest.”

RankHigh.com has been providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services since 1997. They review and optimize Websites to achieve high placements in all the major search engines and deliver traffic that converts under many different keywords. 

Campbell is thrilled with the response to what their company has to offer: “Within about a year of starting RankHigh.com, we quickly saw the shift towards affiliate programs and we began promoting amazon.com, clicktrade.com, and other affiliate programs, receiving commission on everything from books to steaks and cigars. Xpics, Maxcash, California Exotic Novelties and Cybererotica quickly became clients as the years have grown. We now promote almost every major adult affiliate program in existence, receiving monthly commissions and maintaining high levels of sales and conversions.”

Yet despite finding their niche in the Internet community, RankHigh.com is still evolving. Their new logo will reflect this growth.

“Our goals and focuses over the next few years are changing,” Campbell noted. “We are starting to target some foreign search engines and taking our business increasingly to an international level. We have also decided to grow our Web design and promotion business in the highly profitable non-adult segment of the market. We are currently working on our new design site and we wanted to have our marketing site be more effective. Now that the html portion is done, I felt that a quality logo that would be memorable and identifiable was the next step.”