Ramone Unleashes <i>Cum Fart Tsunami</i> For Robert Hill

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Few sex acts in adult are as thoroughly squalid and raunchy as anal felching, more commonly known in the Porn Valley vernacular as cum farting. That’s when a girl takes a guy’s load in her ass, then loudly squeezes the funky stuff out, usually into the hungry mouth of a second girl, who then dribbles it back into girl No. 1’s mouth for some back-and-forth spunk swapping.

For anyone who is familiar with his well-known mega hardcore-meets-fetish tastes in porn, it comes as no great surprise that Robert Hill Releasing director Mike Ramone is a huge fan of the niche genre.

And the former AVN editor-in-chief will give it his own distinctive, fetish-soaked take when he shoots Mike Ramone’s Cum Fart Tsunami later this month, starring Carly Parker, Tyla Wynn, Audrey Hollander, Staci Thorn, Steven French, Otto Bauer, Joe Rock, John Garcia and a small supporting army of anal bukkake boys.

“I love cum farting titles and there are some great, really raunchy ones out there,” Ramone, a lifestyle fetishist and BDSM enthusiast, said, “but I’m going to take the genre to new uber nasty depths with Cum Fart Tsunami. In just about every cum farting title I’ve ever seen, the actual cum farting is only a small part of the scene, lasting just a few minutes at the very end, and that disappoints me, as well as, I would imagine, other fans. Without giving too much way, I’m going to make the cum farting a far meatier, more substantial, lengthier part of the scene, which is what I believe fans of the genre want to see.

“Throw in super hardcore ass fucking, d.p.s and triple penetrations leading up to the massive felchings, and wrap it all up in a hardcore BDSM package, with real fetishy sex, clothes and sets, and Cum Fart Tsunami should be a cum farting fan’s ultimate wet dream. Emphasis on the wet. Raincoats will not be optional.”

Cum Fart Tsunami will be Ramone’s fourth title for Robert Hill Releasing. His first, Wedding Bells Gang Bang, is out now, earning strong reviews, including a Spotlight Pick in October’s AVN. His second, Lord and Master, is due to be released any day now. His third, Mistress Strap-On: Sado Bitch, is currently being edited for release later this year.

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