Raging Stallion Studios Opens European Division

Raging Stallion Studios has opened an office in Paris and appointed former model Taurus Dean to head up the company's expanding European operations. The announcement was made today by Raging Stallion president Chris Ward.

Raging Stallion began self-distribution in Europe two years ago and presently is one of the top U.S. companies working on the continent. Current European operations include distribution, casting, development, production, broadcasting, and marketing.

The company's main website, RagingStallion.com, will soon have a French language option to support direct sales to French speaking areas of the world.

Formerly known simply as Taurus, Dean is one of the main personalities in the French gay erotic world. "He originally came to Raging Stallion as an actor, but soon became a key production manager and director," Ward said.

He was promoted to head of French distribution in 2004 and, stated Ward, "quickly made Raging Stallion the most sought after U.S. company in France, working with IEM and other distributors, magazines, and television networks to raise the company's profile."

Dean also set up a network for model recruitment in Paris that focuses on bars and clubs (such as Le Depot and Raid). Taurus' discoveries are then flown to San Francisco for filming.

"We are excited about bringing the experience of the American porn industry to France and bringing the excitement of French models to U.S. customers," Dean said. "The energy of a hot, uncut French stud, combined with excellent lighting and production values, has the chance to be some of the hottest porn ever filmed. Raging Stallion has a great reputation in France and French guys love our movies! There is a real excitement in the air!"

Company president and head of production Chris Ward noted that he has long admired the men of France: "The films of Cadinot are a real inspiration to me and the models available in France really are some of the hottest in the world. They have that great blend of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Northern European genes that produce pure beauty and an exciting sex energy!"

Citing Raging Stallion's strong commitment to French actors, Ward pointed out that the company has worked with all the major male models in France, and has signed many, such as François Sagat, to exclusive contracts.

As part of that commitment, Ward has also focused on raising the model fees paid to French actors. "Many U.S. companies try to bring in European models at cut rates, exploiting weaker European rates in an effort to reduce production costs," he said. "Raging Stallion" — a company started by models Ward, JD Slater, and Michael Brandon — "is committed to thwarting blatant exploitation of French talent."

Raging Stallion plans to run a series of ads in French Magazines such as Tetu and Gay Video to inform potential French actors that when working for an American company they should be paid at least $1,000 per scene, "especially for hardcore action such as fisting." Ward commented that "one big company was actually offering only $400 per scene for fisting! This is the kind of thing that gives our industry a bad reputation. We are working in France for the long term and we intend to support French actors just as much as we support the guys we work with here in the States."

Additional information is available at RagingStallion.com, 415-503-1969, or by email: [email protected] Product orders may be placed at the company website or by phone: 877-327-0707.