RageCash Unleashes Phase II With Four New Sites

Affiliate program RageCash has unleashed Phase II of its growth into the adult market with four new sites and a suite of enhanced affiliate tools.

Following the success of the controversial MotherDaughterFuck.com and SleepAssault.com comes a similarly controversial addition to the program’s portfolio: UseMyDaughter.com features a cast of characters “more dysfunctional than a bunch of monkeys playing volleyball in the dark,” says RageCash Airek. The main character at the site is Pops, who finds alternative ways to make money to go drinking and gambling.

“The reality market needs a good dose of fantasy,” says Airek. “There’s so much of this ‘it's real!’ thing going on that we think it’s actually kind of humorous and funny to play with a fictional plot. Surfers nowadays are not fooled as much as they used to be by reality sites, and dodging off into the fantasy/reality crossover market looks like a lot of fun and an opportunity to make money on the entertainment value of the whole thing.”

Along with UseMyDaughter.com, RageCash has unleashed HotShemaleSluts.com, “a she-male site that is one of a kind in its market,” Airek says.

PVCandLatex.com and CummyPantyhose.com, round out the new additions.

RageCash also has unleashed a complete suite of enhanced affiliate tools.

“Affiliates can now accurately detail and analyze performance of their free hosted galleries within the RageCash.com network, add reciprocal links to those galleries back to their own sites, and among other things, participate in automated tours dynamically generated on the fly from an affiliate’s promotional efforts,” says Airek. “All of these tools add value to the complete package that we are offering to each and every webmaster under the RageCash umbrella.”