Radio Host Opie Enraged Over Fiancee's Sex Tape

NEW YORK — Gregg "Opie" Hughes of the "Opie & Anthony" radio show is attempting to block the release of a sex tape featuring his fiancée, according to the New York Post.

The tape was made before Hughes met his wife-to-be Lindsay, and it shows her having sex with MTV's Bam Margera. Chaunce Hayden of Steppin' Out magazine reported that the tape was acquired from Margera by a disgruntled ex-employee of the "Opie & Anthony" show, and that it will soon be released on a VoD website.

"They're doing the nasty — and I mean nasty," said Hayden. "Hughes is taking legal action to prevent its distribution. Apparently, he's so distraught, he's banned the name 'Bam' from being mentioned on the show."

Hayden said Lindsay met Margera in Philadelphia and made the tape with him "to gain some exposure."