RabbitsReviews Launches FetishFish.com

FetishFish.com, a new review site from the creators of RabbitsReviews.com, has been launched to give the fetish community a more defined set of review categories in more targeted niches.

The site caters to surfers interested in specific fetishes and also includes features like a chat forum, a blog, and researched articles.

“Fetishism has exploded in the last 10 years as the Internet has greatly facilitated connecting like-minded people,” says Mantas M, owner of RabbitsReviews.com. “Through my research, I came to the conclusion that there’s a need for a professional fetish erotica guide. That’s where FetishFish.com comes in.”

Webmasters interested in receiving traffic from the site are encouraged to use the request form. Those willing to link back will be given higher priority and full-site servicing, including bi-yearly updates aimed at keeping reviews and traffic fresh. Based on set criteria, the reviews provide a measure of how sites stack up against each other.

“FetishFish is an opportunity for acquiring targeted traffic,” Mantas says. “At this point, most of the exposure webmasters can get is in the form of reviews, but in the next phase in early 2006, we will launch an ad system for webmasters wanting to take additional advantage of our traffic.”

Although Rabbits Reviews and FetishFish.com are separate entities, the sites will work together to maximize the quality and quantity of traffic and conversions for webmasters.