Rabbit Reviews Adult Dating Sites

Industry website reviewer, Rabbits Reviews, is expanding its reach to include adult dating site reviews.

The new section is found on RabbitsReviews.com, the company’s flagship site, but remains separate from the main porn review area.

“Adult dating sites are a natural up-sell for porn surfers,” says Mantas M, owner of RabbitsReviews.com. “I decided against dumping dating reviews into yet another category hidden among the existing porn sites, since the same rating criteria do not apply well to both products. Nowadays, the dating industry is very niche-specific, so having a separate section allows us to classify the dating sites more accurately.”

The dating reviews will be conducted using set criteria much like that used for rating adult sites, allowing for an impartial critique and an effective assessment of value.

In the last six months the site has doubled the amount of reviews in its database, bringing the total to more than 1,700 and is on track to add more than 3,000 more in the next two years.

“I want Rabbit’s Reviews to provide a more diverse porn experience,” Mantas M says. “New adult dating reviews are a step in that direction. A blog, adult stories, games, and other sections are being planned, so watch for this rabbit hole to go even deeper.”