QuickBuck Back with Version 2.0, Giveaways

Webmaster affiliate program QuickBuck has relaunched with Version 2.0 and an extensive list of giveaways.

QuickBuck has operated since 1998 with more than 70 sites in various niches. The new version of QuickBuck features new exclusive-content sites, cascading billing, a custom NATS back end, new payouts, new promotional tools, and rewards. Bonuses include $200 for webmaster referrals.

“We have worked hard to get this program back in action,” says Wiseman of QuickBuck.com. “It’s been a long process, but now it is alive and ready. We are excited to have everything up and running and are ready to make webmasters some serious cash.”

QuickBuck will be releasing a new site every week with fresh, exclusive content. In addition, QuickBuck will be offering what it feels is one of its best promotions to date: Affiliates who send five joins per pay period win an iPod Shuffle; 15 joins in a period wins a Playstation Portable or iPod Mini. An Xbox 360 is also up for grabs.