QueerPalm.com: Full-Length Videos for iPod, PSP, PocketPC

Badpuppy Enterprises Inc. has launched QueerPalm.com.

The company bills QueerPalm.com as the first place on the Web to get gay adult content in the iPod, PSP, and PocketPC formats. QueerPalm.com also offers full-length videos for download, while many others who have entered the iPod and PSP realm are only offering trailers and clips.

“We are very excited to bring to life this new and high-tech means of viewing full-length, gay adult videos right in the palm of your hand, thus the name that says it all: ‘QueerPalm.com,’” says Lisa Turner, sales and marketing administrator for Badpuppy. “After all, what could be better than portable pocket porn?

“Several of our current affiliates who we spoke to in the early stages of development felt it was a whole new market for them to tap into, would stand out from so many other the sites out there, and add flavor to the variety of their current sponsors.”

Samples are available for all of the videos hosted at QueerPalm.com. When the user purchases a video, it is available in all three formats, meaning that if they want a version for the iPod, PSP, and the PocketPC, then they can download all three from their Video Locker at QueerPalm.com.

QueerPalm.com can be promoted through Badpuppy’s affiliate program, PuppyCash.