'Pussycat Preacher' Saves Sophia Lynn

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The staff at Christian News Wire must be experiencing the sexless equivalent of an erection after reporting that former stripper turned evangelist Heather Veitch has announced that porn chick Sophia Lynn has left the sex biz to take a job as a secretary at Celebrates Community Church in Sioux Falls.

Pastor Keith Loy of Celebrates Community Church said the church will provide Lynn with a place to live, a college scholarship and a job at their church office.

Sounds like a pattern with Lynn, who seems to have a knack for always taking the easy way out. As she said in an interview from last year on Fleshbot.com concerning her motivation for entering the adult business, "$500 for a blowjob looked a lot better than the $300 a week I was getting before taxes at my day job."

But, as she told the Christian News Wire about her new direction, "This is like a dream. I hope I don't have to wake up from this. I feel like my life has been saved."

According to Christian News Wire, Celebrates Community Church developed an interest in Lynn when she appeared on an ABC News "Primetime" report last year. At the time, Lynn also said she was out of the porn business.

The Sioux Falls church invited Lynn for a visit, but she never showed up. However, the church did get in touch with Veitch who came to South Dakota and spent a weekend lecturing about America's sex industry. Speaking to the congregation, Veitch said the first step toward helping girls like Lynn was prayer.

The Christian News Wire reports that the faithful did just that. According to Veitch, it worked. She told the news service that "Three weeks later, my phone rang and it was Sophia. She told me she was ready to make a real life change and wanted some real help. I called Pastor Loy and told him God held up his end, so now what are we going to do?"

Loy then got in touch with Veitch and soon after, Lynn was on a plane to her new life in South Dakota.

Veitch, who is currently exploiting herself and her past in a documentary called "The Pussycat Preacher," hopes other churches will follow Celebrate Community Church's lead. She told the Christian News Wire, "I'm calling it the 'One Church For One Girl' program."

Catchy title, Heather. Very catchy.