Whitney Wright, Eliza Jane Star in ‘The Last House on the Right’

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Pure Taboo's new DVD release The Last House on the Right offers a double dose of boundary-crossing sexual scenarios, testing how far women are willing to go when under pressure—and it's all thanks to writer/producer Bree Mills and director/producer Craven Moorehead The DVD features two scenes previously offered on the Pure Taboo website: “The Last House on the Right” and “Open House.”

“This was a fantastic production, starring two of Pure Taboo’s most beloved actresses, including AVN Best Actress winner Eliza Jane!" noted Bree Mills, Pure Taboo's creator and head of Gamma Films. "We took a derelict location and turned it into a realistic, gritty portrayal of the dangers of friendship and peer pressure.”

“Pure Taboo’s releases are what defines the new generation of porn production,” opined Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “With top-notch star talent, shot beautifully, with a solid, twisted storyline, often with deep psychological undertones, Mills and Moorehead consistently deliver the high-quality content sought by their fans.”

In “The Last House on the Right,” Nina (Whitney Wright) suggests to her friend from school, Ashley (Eliza Jane), that they go check out a condemned lot at the end of her street. Ashley is worried about trespassing, but goes along. Once inside the abandoned house, they start drinking and taking pictures; bored, they try on their new bikinis, but when Nina jokingly tries to take photos of Ashley while she’s changing, the two chase each other around the empty house… until the two half-naked girls come across a squatter (Chad Alva). Despite Ashley’s pleas to just leave, Nina decides to get a little sumptin'-sumptin' from the unconscious man—but when he wakes up, the two girls have some serious decisions to make. Then, in “Open House,” realtor Dillion Harper has to decide how far she is willing to go to make a sale, when prospective buyer Codey Steele tells her sex is a requirement to close the deal.

“The Last House on the Right” stars Whitney Wright, Eliza Jane, and Chad Alva; Dillion Harper and Codey Steele star in “Open House.” To view the DVD's box cover and synopsis, as well as the official trailer, click here.

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