Pure Taboo Drops Fauxcest-Centered ‘The Family Tradition’ On DVD

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Pure Taboo provides a double dose of taboo with its new DVD, The Family Tradition, which exposes risky relationships between heads of households and their offspring, as delivered by writer/producer Bree Mills and director/producer Craven Moorehead. The DVD contains with two scenes, “The Family Tradition” and “The Grandparents,” and ships to retailers this week.

“This was my first opportunity working with Ashley Adams," noted Bree Mills, Pure Taboo's creator and head of Gamma Films. "I was excited to take her energy and enthusiasm, and challenge her to take it into this dark and complex emotional story. The results are incredible. Kudos to Dick Chibbles and Erica Lauren for rounding out this top-notch cast." 

“Pure Taboo’s releases are what defines the new generation of porn production,” opined Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “With top-notch star talent, shot beautifully, with a solid, twisted storyline, often with deep psychological undertones, Mills and Moorehead prove why they’ve earned the industry’s respect and accolades.”

In “The Family Tradition,” Paula [Ashley Adams] enters her parents’ bedroom while they’re watching TV, and delivers a suspicious glass of water to her mom [Erica Lauren]. Once the matriarch has fallen asleep, Paula’s stepdad [Dick Chibbles] reminds the young girl of her new duties: that, as the new head of household’s “sweet baby girl,” there are some very private family traditions he needs her to keep. In the second scene, “The Grandparents,” two delinquent teens [Aubrey Sinclair and Jill Kassidy] have their innocence further corrupted by their voyeuristic grandparents [Erica Lauren and Alec Knight], who may or may not take their peeping ways too far.

“The Family Tradition” stars Ashley Adams and Dick Chibbles; Aubrey Sinclair, Jill Kassidy, and Alec Knight star in “The Grandparents;” Erica Lauren cameos in both. To view the box cover, synopsis, and cast list, as well as the official trailer, click here.

Retailers interested in stocking The Family Tradition may contact Hyland C. at [email protected] and/or call 818-435-1615, or contact an IVD Sales Representative.