Pure Play Touts 'Housewives Unleashed 29' in Aug. Homegrown Special

CHATSWORTH, Calif.Housewives Unleashed 29 is the newest title from Homegrown Video available to retailers at a discount as part of distributor Pure Play Media's August special highlighting Homegrown as its studio of the month.

Throughout August, Unleashed 29 and other Homegrown titles are available to retailers through Pure Play's new direct-to-retail program at a reduced price of $5 per unit. In addition, they can receive a free copy of any Homegrown title for every 25 ordered.

"Direct-to-retail is proving to be just what the retailers are looking for; we're seeing major orders and growing interest since the inception of D2R just two weeks ago. The reception is very enthusiastic!" said Pure Play CEO Richard Arnold. "Offering the newest titles for Homegrown adds another great element to an already amazing monthly special. D2R is proving to be a wonderful business move for PPM and beneficial for retailers too, with our continued promotions with the best and most varied new titles."

As an added incentive to retailers to participate in the D2R program, Pure Play will be raffling off a 2008 Chevy Malibu Hybrid in September, drawn at random from every customer order made during August. Full promotion details are available in the Pure Play product catalog packaged with the current issue of AVN magazine, or at www.pureplaymedia.com.

Housewives Unleashed 29
features amateurs Tara Tainton, Cody T, Elle, Kaitlyn and Layla Chambers. To order this and other Homegrown titles, contact Sonia Yanez at [email protected] or (866) 820-3000.