Pure Play Prepares Release of 'Tommy Gunn's Cummin' at You! 3D'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pure Play Media is set to release Tommy Gunn’s Cummin’ at You! 3D, the company's largest production to date.

The interactive, three-dimensional movie touts over 50,000 erotic scenarios with male or female point-of-view fantasies, presented in a “choose-your-adventure” format. The official release date is scheduled as September 29, 2009. For a sneak peek, log on to www.cumminatyou.com ... and don’t forget a pair of polarized 3D glasses for the full experience.

Tommy Gunn’s Cummin’ at You! 3D will be packaged with both a 2D and the 3D interactive DVD. The viewer is given a choice of POV: either Tommy Gunn (for the male perspective) or Sindee Jennings (for the female perspective). An “Adventure Randomizer” is also included for those who wish to sit back and watch a completely random and unique sequence of events.

Pure Play Media CEO Richard Arnold comments on the production, “We’re very excited to be involved with such a unique and cutting edge film. When Tommy Gunn and his silent partners approached me about 3D porn, I told them it’s been done before. Then I was given a glimpse of the 3D imagery and ‘choose-your-adventure’ format — I was hooked. This truly has never been done before. It offers fans an interactive experience like no other.”

This production utilizes the latest in stereoscopic technology, making it possible to photograph first-person point-of-view in 3D. Recent developments in consumer electronics will allow the next generation of TVs to have three-dimensional technology built into them so that the viewer does not have to wear 3D glasses. The DVD will be encoded to work with these high-end 3D home theatre systems, but it will also work with a standard TV, projection, LCD or plasma screens with the included 3D glasses. 

Tommy Gunn’s Cummin’ at You! 3D was produced, directed by and stars its namesake, with performers Sindee Jennings, Riley Evans and Tony DeSergio filling out the cast. 

Tommy is proud of his ambitious production, saying, “I'm tremendously excited about Cummin’ at You!. This DVD allows the viewer the opportunity to literally be involved, not to mention feel like they're in the action. This film has so many possibilities — never before has the viewer been given full say in their porn fantasy, let alone thousands of possible alternate experiences in the same movie.”

Tommy Gunn’s Cummin’ at You! 3D is distributed by Pure Play Media. For more information, visit www.pureplaymedia.com