Pure Play, Homegrown Video Discuss Distribution Plans

Following this week's announcement of an exclusive distribution deal between Pure Play Media and Homegrown Video, execs at both companies contacted AVN to discuss their plans for the venture.

Founded in 1983, Homegrown Video has established itself as the adult industry's longest-running amateur label. The deal with Pure Play will take the company's AVN award-winning brand to an unprecedented level of worldwide visibility.

"First and foremost, we're going to increase distribution both within and outside the United States," said Pure Play president Richard Arnold. "We've already been in touch with some of our distributors and retailers in Europe, and they're all really excited about Homegrown. Things go in trends in this business, and right now it seems the trend is going in the amateur direction. To me, it seems like a genre that is highly in demand over in Europe, and it's great to have the king of the genre in our portfolio. Homegrown is an old-school company that takes a ton of pride in their work, which is refreshing.

"In Canada, we're going to work the broadcast end of things," Arnold continued. "DVD is a no-brainer – I think we're going to do some big numbers, because amateur is a genre not greatly represented in Canada."

On the decision to go with Pure Play, Homegrown CEO Moffitt T told AVN, "We're happy to be with them because we feel they have a good global presence in hitting the main markets in the U.S., Canada and Europe. The main players there all have tons of experience; Richard Arnold, Craig Jelin, Mike Santiago – the guys running their European division have extensive history in the business."

"We've reached a stage in our existence where we are about to outgrow our 15,000 square-foot building, and it's hard to find a new building that is big enough to grow into for the next five to ten years," added Moffitt. "We want to take our focus off the operational aspects that somebody else could do better so we can focus on promoting our brand."

Only a few hundred of the 700 volumes in Homegrown's self-titled amateur adult video series have been released on DVD, making the company's catalog ripe for rediscovery.

"We're talking about going back into our older catalog and creating new titles from that," said Moffitt. "We've discussed re-releasing Homegrown Video Volume 1, which is not out on DVD right now. We're up to volume 707 now, and a lot of people would want to see, what did number 1 look like?"

Homegrown Video's official website can be found here.

For Homegrown sales, contact Craig Jelin at [email protected]