Pure Play Brings <i>Homegrown Classics</i> to DVD for First Time

CHATSWORTH, Calif.AVN in its January 2007 issue ranked Homegrown Video 1 among the 50 most influential adult titles ever made. But until now, it and all of its early follow-ups have been unavailable on DVD.

Well Pure Play Media, the now distributor of Homegrown Video, is finally changing that, beginning with the March 19 release of Homegrown Classics 1: Swinging to the Eighties, a compilation of some of the earliest scenes from the Homegrown library.

"Homegrown Video is proud of its long running tradition of bringing fans the best in real, homemade sex," said Homegrown CEO Moffitt T. "When [Homegrown Video 1] was released 25 years ago, no one involved could predict the impact it would have on adult video. Not only did it create an entirely new genre — amateur — but it also influenced how professional smut producers approached their craft.

"With [the initial Homegrown Video releases]," Moffitt went on, "the pros saw firsthand that such conventions as 'plot,' however shaky and ill-conceived, weren't indispensable. They discovered you could ditch the story and go straight to the sex, and suddenly, genres like gonzo started popping up."

In the AVN piece on what made Homegrown Video 1 such a landmark title, it was described as the spawn of "a San Diego-based network of swingers who made videos for each other's enjoyment, inadvertently creating a new porn genre."  

Homegrown was purchased by Moffitt and his brother Farrell in 1993, after the Homegrown Video series had reached its 400th volume. The Homegrown Classics line is being compiled from titles preceding that 400 mark, with one volume to be released per month.

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