Pulse Ships Vivid-Alt's <i>Bad Luck Betties</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Vivid-Alt director Octavio Winkytiki (Man's Ruin, Rebelle Rousers) is back with a new feature called The Bad Luck Betties. The three-disc set ships today and arrives in stores Feb. 21.


"It’s about a gang of former models who are sick and tired of all the Hollywood bullshit, so they decide to run one of the busiest drug-dealing intersections under the East L.A. freeway interchange,” Winkytiki told AVN. "I got so upset by the East L.A. interchange that I decided to make a movie about it!”

The Bad Luck Betties stars Smokin' Mary Jane as the leader of the downtown girl gang, with Mika Tan, Bianca Dagger and Marie Luv as her switchblade sisters.


"Visually, I was going for a '50s pulp novel look," the director continued. "Like the men’s adventure magazines; it’s all very noir, with a lot of hard lighting and shadows. I was also very much inspired by the sets of 'West Side Story'; I really love musicals, so the art direction and visuals are like a high school production of 'West Side Story' without a lot of choreographed dancing."

The story-oriented porn feature runs a full hour without the sex scenes. The hardcore footage combines the rigors of contemporary gonzo fare with Irving Klaw-styled fetishism.


"We’ve got a double-penetration scene with Mika Tan, and newcomer Pinky Lee pulled off a pretty good anal scene," said Winkytiki. "Pinky used to be a ballerina, so she combined a lot of it into the scene itself with the big splits and the leg extensions, so it’s a lot of fun watching that. I also have a very 60s stag loop catfight with Mary Jane and Paige Richards with hair-pulling and wrestling. It was a lot of fun to shoot – we did a lot of leg and stocking things."

The director also noted the movie's "very strong emphasis on music." L.A.-based label Wild Records  contributed to the score with tracks from numerous rockabilly and garage bands on its roster. Several of the bands will perform at a release party for the movie next Thursday.

"The soundtrack was a very big collaborative effort," he said. "It's quirky, fun stuff." 

The Bad Luck Betties DVD release is packed with bonus material including a making-of featurette, video blogs, behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, a bonus soundtrack CD and more.

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