Pulpo Strikes Exclusive Deal with IVD

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Pulpo Inc. has finalized a deal with IVD/Pleasure making it the exclusive distributor of Pulpo movies throughout the United States. The deal takes effect Friday with the release of Pulpo’s new feature Dolores of My Heart.

"We started talking with Frank Kay, the owner, three months ago," Pulpo founder and director Andres Tabogo told AVN. "and he really liked the content for our company. So we started the negotiation, and he knew he saw something new and liked it, so we just went on.

"So IVD is going to take all our product for domestic distribution here in the States," Tabogo continued. "Our first step is to release our new production, Dolores of My Heart, this Friday, September 28. The first copy is a limited edition — it's a two-DVD set with special, deluxe packaging."

Some of the special features offered in the Dolores set, Tabogo said, include "a tool called 'Fantasy Mode,' for people to go directly to the sex scenes and choose every position they want; also, we have the option for iPod content, so they can download all the trailers and the behind the scenes for the movie."

Pulpo's first title, Black Worm, will also now be distributed by IVD. To order either release, call (800) 999-2483.