Pulpo Spreads Its Tentacles

A pulpo, for those of you who don't speak Spanish, is an octopus. An odd name for a new porn company, but as co-principals Mako and Andrés explain, it's because they have a "tentacle" in all aspects of their operation.

The name Pulpo Inc. as Mako explained, "is because half our crew is half Colombian and half Argentine, so we came up with a Spanish name. And because the octopus has tentacles that reach out. We do production, art, all that."

Mako was also excited to promote Pulpo Inc.'s first release, Black Worm. "February 20th is the release date for Black Worm," she said. "The second one, Dolores of My Heart, will be released in the first week of April. And Dirty Queen will be released at the end of May."

So why start a new porn company in these uncertain times? Mako and Andrés are both quick to answer that Pulpo Inc. was a reaction to what's currently available.

"We're in that niche of people who couldn't stand too much seeing gonzo," said Mako. "We wanted a whole story. We weren't finding a lot of what we wanted, so we decided to make it ourselves."

And while Pulpo Inc. has been shooting strictly in the U.S., Mako said that the company's third release Dirty Queen, will be shot in Cartageña. "It's so beautiful there. Very colonial."

Mako and Andrés, both from Colombia, are bringing a high-end, stylized look to their product, but said that the initial steps in making their product wasn't easy. "The difficulty was in finding the talent," said Andrés. "We wanted to put some recognized people in the movie. L.A. Direct were very helpful to us eventually." Andrés explained that the scripts, pre- and post-production and artwork were all done in-house.

Asked to describe what the world can expect from the company's first release, Mako was quick to explain, "You're going to see all the Colombian things of the '80s: the drugs, the guns, the mafia…you'll get a taste of what it's like."

And Americans, as we all know, love that stuff.

Pulpo, Inc. is located at 10200 Mason Ave., #119, Chatsworth, CA 91311. Telephone is (818) 727-1488. The company and it's trailers are online at pulpoinc.com .