Pulpo Fiction: <i>Dolores of My Heart</i>

Editing has begun on Pulpo Inc's sophomore release, Dolores of My Heart. The studio, which formed late last year, plans to premiere the feature at this year's Erotica LA show in June. Company owners Mako and Andrés invited AVN to its studio for a first look at the much anticipated and controversial picture.

"I want to show people that you can do a feature with a lot of sex," said Andrés, who directs all of Pulpo's features. "We experiment with the lighting, the positions, the music, the way we edit. We provide another aspect for the people to enjoy. Then we mix it up with the sex. We take our time. We are very passionate about what we do."

On the monitor, behind Pulpo's editor Julio, Shy Love and Lorena Sanchez roll around on a plush bed. From the girls jet-black hair and tan bodies to the red satin sheets, the scene drips with color.

"We're Colombian. We are a more sensual culture," Julio said. "That's why what you see in our movies is more stylish. It's more than just pure or hardcore sex. It has a different intention."

Pulpo first made its intentions known with its debut release, Black Wormâ€"an unapologetic revenge tale set in the drug underworld. "We're drawn to real stories," said Andrés. "The stories are real. The people are real. It may not be happening to you, but it happens."

Like Black Worm, Dolores of My Heart combines mainstream production values, hardcore sex, and bold storytelling to create a true "adult" movie. The story follows Chris Cannon as he tries to prove his innocence in his wife's murder to homicide detective Jack Lawrence.

Dolores of My Heart stars Shy Love, Lorena Sanchez, Audrey Bitoni, Penny Flame, Mikayla, Van Damage, Justice Young, Jack Lawrence, and Chris Cannon.

For more information on Pulpo visit, www.pulpoinc.com.