PROFILE 200503 - Just Another Day in Naughty America

President Andreas H is sitting tight in his corner of the world, and for the denizens of, that’s a good thing. The empire boasts free hosted galleries Latin Adultery, Fast Times at NAU (Naughty America Univ.), My Friend’s Hot Mom, Dirty Latina Maids, Bookworm Bitches, My First Sex Teacher, Naughty Office, and SoCal Coeds, and grants a 60/40 weekly payout. Plus, NaughtyAmerica sponsors $250 in traffic to all affiliates to spend with the traffic source of their choice. They offer credit on all checks and dialer revenue, and if you’re an immigrant to the Nation of Naughty, the company provides ePassporte accounts for foreign Webmasters.

Webmasters check traffic by logging in to a stats area, and can go to a linking codes section to manage traffic source labels and create separate codes to track.

Confident in their exclusive content, NaughtyAmerica says it’s what makes their Webmaster program one of the best. The trademark-free content is promoted through, which provides free traffic for promotional pages.

NaughtyAmerica began as an enterprise dedicated to promotion alone. “We started promoting other affiliate programs,” H says, “and decided we could create content that was better; so we gave it a shot.”

After launching around the ’04 Florida Internext, the company publicized in its affiliate newsletter current banners and content for the first three updates, with more coming within a week. This is a formula that, apparently, is tried and true. Marketing tools in regular use include the free hosted TGPs, free hosted movie galleries, new banners and other materials; Webmasters are given access to the content pending account verification, and are e-mailed weekly with new content. The free content section is updated two to three times a week, and Webmasters are not limited in the amount of content they can use.

While the strings attached at NaughtyAmerica are few and far between, the company is absolutely proactive about keeping up its end of the relationship. They encourage Webmasters who aren’t seeing sales to contact Ace – a.k.a. Mark – to analyze the situation. “Mark is our affiliate manager,” H says. “He’s responsible for taking our small Webmasters and making them big, and making our big Webmasters even bigger.” He grins.

“We are very open to Webmaster input. We give every Webmaster what they, specifically, need to ensure they succeed. We go out of our way to cater to their needs.”

For instance, in October of last year, a number of affiliates requested “no-trial tours” to all of the NaughtyAmerica sites. The company responded immediately, and reiterated in its affiliate newsletter, “We encourage any other Webmasters [who] feel they need something in an affiliate program, or feel our affiliate program is lacking something, to let us know – we'll do what we can to accommodate you.”

An open solicitation for comments, suggestions and input accompanies every communication from Mark, and a phone number, ICQ and e-mail address are all provided. What’s crucial to NaughtyAmerica is that their Webmasters are successful. H insists that time and care is taken to ensure that “we understand our customers’ needs, and [we] make sure all of our Webmasters succeed.

“If a Webmaster isn't making money, we work closely with that Webmaster to figure out exactly what to do to help them make money.”

The company looks to Internext for networking and face-to-face meetings with affiliates and Webmasters, and marks each show as more productive than the last. They encourage their partners to do the same thing, and are eager to meet old and new friends alike. “This show is one of the more informative and easy to network,” Mark notes. They want affiliates to come and “learn all the tricks of the trade from the pros, and get to know those TGP owners and program owners.”

NaughtyAmerica also keeps vigil over the 2257 laws, updating their affiliates with all of the latest information regarding record keeping and other legal issues of general interest to Webmasters. With regard to 2257, the company keeps accurate records of all productions, and manages to keep a cool perspective. As Mark says in a newsletter, “We’ve been here for six years and have seen this business go through a lot of changes. This is just one more hurdle for us all to overcome.” NaughtyAmerica responds to the threat of the times with a decidedly “do not panic” attitude. Their outlook is that, come what may, they will arm their affiliates with the proper tools. They cite AVN’s legal column as a major provider of new information.

NaughtyAmerica has also aggressively pursued successful niches: two of its TGPs are Latin in flavor. “They both do very well,” H states. Their latest site (as of this writing),, is “Latin niche based,” Mark describes, “but with a twist: It’s about hot Latin wives who indulge themselves with young men behind their husbands’ backs.... Promote these girls as MILFs, and you’ll get a lot more sales than if you just promote the Latin [niche].” Popular office fantasies get the treatment at, more MILFs are over at, and numerous TGPs promote the coed niche. The “NaughtyAmerica tradition” is one of unique content and excellent conversions, according to Mark.

New servers were the big news at the end of October, what with the imminent release of several new sites and continuous updates. NaughtyAmerica regularly retools tours and promotions to garner the biggest bang, and they believe new content is the most effective route to conversions.

As far as juicy incentives go, a prize trip to Cancun was awarded to the Webmaster who sent the most sign-ups to Latin Adultery in December and January. The free trip for two included a hotel stay, airline tickets, and passes to Webmaster Access Getaway, the adult Internet industry networking event organized by the team behind GFY, March 9-12. In addition, the first 10 Webmasters to send 20 sales received $250.

NaughtyAmerica makes no bones about doling out “special treatment.” The site states that they “goout of our way for those [who] show they are interested in heavy promotions or dedicated efforts.” They strive to know why their affiliates have decided to promote them rather than some of the other programs out there. They invite constructive criticism and ideas about improvement.

“It is times like these that it pays to work with a program like NaughtyAmerica,” the site says, “which treats its resellers as franchises.” H adds, “We truly believe that the Webmasters are the reason we succeed. Because we are a partner program, we give excellent customer support in order to make sure the Webmasters have all the tools they need to make money.”

You can almost hear their national anthem: “Just sign up and we’ll take care of you.”