Priya Rai to Follow in Sunny Leone's 'Bigg Boss' Footsteps? Nope

MUMBAI, INDIA—Priya Rai, the Indian-American adult performer who entered the industry in 2007 and won an AVN Award in 2009 for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene, looks to be making what could be a career leap into the mainstream as she follows Sunny Leone's lead by joining the cast of Bigg Boss 6, India's popular Big Brother knock-off.

Leone wasn't the first sexy American to make it into the Bigg Boss house. Pamela Anderson also made an appearance. But it was Leone who took not only the show's audience, but India itself, by storm, becoming an international star in the process. It's safe to say the country had never seen anything like it, and also that the producers of the show, in inviting the New Delhi-born Rai to participate, hope to catch lightning again. Leone, by the way, was eventually booted from the house, but not until after she had secured a role in Jism 2.

It's unclear at the moment if Rai will be a regular contestant or a guest appearance, as some reports indicate, but either way, sparks should fly.


False alarm. Rumor mill gone wild. Priya ain't going to Bigg Boss 6. The sultry star tweeted the truth Friday morning, "I am NOT coming to Big Boss I don't know who started this." 

Either do we, but it was nice while it lasted.