Private Targets IPTV Market

BARCELONA - European adult superpower Private Media Group is rapidly expanding its network of IPTV platforms across the Continent and around the world. The company announced today that it has partnered with nine European IPTV operators, bringing its total number of platforms for the delivery method to 23 in 11 different territories in Europe.

"IPTV/VOD is fast becoming the platform of choice," Private COO Peter Cohen told AVN. "There is a very strong growth curve for new users."

Agreed marketing director Giles Hirst, "IPTV is a huge growth possibility for us enabling the consumer to view Private content in the comfort of their own home on their TV screens. We are now available in 30 million households, with 90 percent penetration in France and 100 percent penetration in Germany."

Private's newest IPTV providers are located in the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Portugal and Greece.

"We are extremely pleased to announce this significant development in our third quarter, which we expect to generate substantial revenues in 2008," said Cohen. "Private is committed to being the global leader in adult digital content distribution, and our success expanding into the fast growing IPTV/VOD platform market in Europe confirms our long-term strategy for the company."

Indeed, this broadening of Private's IPTV reach augments its hard-charging extension into every digital market available, including handheld devices such as the iPhone and PSP, download-to-own delivery, Web 2.0 and DTT.

Said Hirst, "When we release a blockbuster, we want to be able to create consumer excitement by promotions on mobile handsets [and] via our portal with specific landing pages for key movies with trailers, photos, backstage images, our Evil Geisha Hotel... we will be revamping and integrating our VoD site into the portal in the last quarter of the year. We are working on viral campaigns to promote our brand and our products to a wider audience and developing strategies within our affiliate program to drive more traffic to our sites and content.

"We are improving on our existing Private Community, which will become an interactive user experience," Hirst said, "and we have created new high-tech products like our 'Private Hottie' virtual interactive sex game. But pushing a brand into the mainstream is probably the biggest way for adult to develop. Making it more acceptable in society is where we will see the best way to generate an increase in sales, and we feel that Jason Colt: The Mystery of the Sex Diamonds and our Spiced Up Girls project will help us gain leverage into the mainstream. We are famous for producing blockbuster titles starring European actresses, but Jason Colt was filmed in the States and stars U.S. talent, and has the best production values any adult company has produced. It will be interesting to see if this changes our brand image in the U.S."