'Private Points' to Help Consumers

BARCELONA - Private Media Group Inc. has announced start of the company's Private Points system which will help cash-strapped porn consumers in these uncertain economic times.

Consumers can get a "loyalty card" at participating adult stores or from from www.private.com/shop . Then, every time a consumer purchases a Private DVD at one of the participating stores, they will be given a hologramed "Silver Girl" sticker to place on the card. Once 10 stickers have been collected, the consumer can end the card to Private's European headquarters where it can be redeemed for a free Private DVD selected from 100 classic Private DVDs.

As of now, the program is in place in France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Benelux, Australia, South Africa and the Czech Republic.

Alexander Zaragoza, Private's international sales and marketing coordinator said of the program, "We believe that this is the first time an international adult company has launched a loyalty card direct to consumers on such a wide scale. We have created Private Points packs for participating stores including posters, window stickers, loyalty cards and Silver Girl stickers.  Not only does this benefit consumers of Private DVDs but it helps to build repeat sales of our products for retailers."

If you own a sex shop that stocks Private DVDs and would like to get involved in the Private Points program, please contact [email protected] or [email protected] or your local Private distributor.