Private Media, Playboy TV Intl. Extend Spice TV Deal

BARCELONA—Private Media Group has announced a five year extension of its partnership with Playboy TV International in their joint venture producing the European broadcast channel Private Spice.

In a press release issued today, the company said that under the terms of the agreement, Playboy TV International will continue to operate, distribute and market the Private Spice channel, which offers Private’s premium quality content, brand and marketing support. Distributed via DTH, DTT and cable, Private Spice is one of the company's most successful and popular adult entertainment offerings, it said. With Private's unsurpassed European IPTV distribution network the renewed deal ensures that Private's content is available on every content platform in Europe.

"Private Spice has been a successful revenue generator for both companies and now with the channel being available in 22 European countries, we are seeing a steady growth from this partnership,” commented Private CEO Ilan Bunimovitz. “Renewing this deal shows we have a committed partnership with Playboy TV International, giving us this unique positioning in the adult broadcast market."

Jeremy Yates, managing director of Playboy TV Europe, added, "Private Spice continues to be highly successful because of our excellent distribution network and the fact that with Private and our own adult library we have one of the best, most varied and extensive line-ups in the industry."

More information about Private Spice can be found on its website at