Private, Marc Dorcel Join Forces in 'Strategic Alliance'

BARCELONA - Private Media Group has joined forces with Marc Dorcel in what the two companies are calling a "strategic alliance" for the European market.

The two Euro-porn giants launched the landmark partnership this week, as Dorcel signed a three-year deal to distribute Private DVDs in France. The alliance between Private and Dorcel is expected to extend to other territories across Europe in various distribution platforms including Internet, IPTV and video-on-demand.

"Private and Dorcel are the two dominant adult brands in Europe, and this new collaboration will solidify their strength in the market and provide French consumers optimal access to high-quality adult entertainment with compelling new incentives and exciting promotions," said Private COO Peter Cohen. "Marc Dorcel is one of the best run operations in the adult business, and we are very pleased to have worked out a very cooperative relationship with them to strategically consolidate our content offerings and develop effective new B2B and B2C opportunities that will expand our collective success in France."

Marc Dorcel CEO Grégory Dorcel believes that combining resources is the right approach for content producers in what has become a cluttered adult video marketplace.

"By joining forces and sharing experiences and know-how, we will effectively offer the French audience top-of-the-line products with compelling new marketing and promotional campaigns," Dorcel said.
The Private/Dorcel collaboration is part of a global strategy which Private has been developing for the last eighteen months to establish more effective distribution and sales through content consolidation and cooperative relationships with other producers and distributors.