Private Collector Buys Tupac Sex Tape

LOS ANGELES—A sex tape that surfaced in October featuring late rapper Tupan Shakur now belongs to a private collector who has no plans of releasing it, according to TMZ.

The price paid by the collector was not divulged, but bids for the tape, which contains an unreleased Tupac song, had reached $1 million, the TMZ story says. It also notes that the tape's former owner "decided not to sell to a big company out of principle—claiming the corporate porn fat cats were 'parasites.'"

That claim would seem to contradict the info AVN sussed out on the matter at the time news of the tape broke, which was that the "corportate porn fat cats" simply weren't interested. Vivid Entertainment co-chairman Steve Hirsch then told AVN, "I'm not sure it would make sense as a paid product for us, as we understand the tape isn't very long."

We just have to wonder, if that sort of business practice qualifies you as a "parasite," what are you if you're someone who tries to sell said parasite a video of a dead celebrity getting a blowjob?

Read the TMZ story here.

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