PPPcard Becomes Trustcash, Expands Distribution

PPPcard.net, which provides an anonymous alternative payment system to more than 500 websites, has upgraded its technology, expanded distribution, and adopted a new name, Trustcash.

The Trustcash brand replaces PPPcard.net, which was introduced in 2005.

“Trustcash retains all of the basic principles we established with PPPcard.net to protect our customers’ identity and allow them to make secure payments on the Internet,” says Greg Moss, chief executive officer of Trustcash. “Apart from our new name, most changes are behind the scenes—improved back-end infrastructure, wider retail distribution, and more extensive marketing support and promotional activities. We believe the Trustcash brand is more appropriate for our anonymous payment system and will give us broader brand awareness and acceptance across the Web.”

Recent relationships with major store chains such as Virgin Megastores and distributors like Ingram Entertainment assure that buying Trustcash will become even easier. In addition to being available at several thousand retail outlets, Trustcash, which is offered in a variety of denominations from $10 to $200, also can be purchased online at Trustcash.com.

Trustcash can be used to pay for Internet content and services from sites such as ClubJenna.com, ShanesWorld.com, the online dating service IwantU.com, as well as other adult websites.

“Trustcash offers affiliate webmasters and merchants a unique and anonymous payment option that reduces abandonment and lowers barriers to online payments,” Moss says. “This translates to more paid use, higher conversion rates, and a strong new revenue stream.

“The new look of the improved Trustcash will feature enhanced infrastructure and improved merchant integration tools for its partners,” he continues. “Consumers who have valid PPPcards can still use them and online merchants that honor the PPPcard will automatically honor Trustcash.”