Powersville, JM Launch Tickling Series

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - On August 13, JM Productions will release the latest innovation from AVN Award-winning director Jim Powers' label Powersville: the self-explanatory Tied, Tickled, Fucked!

According to a JM Productions press release from in-house degenerate Tony Malice, Powers drew inspiration from his youth in conceptualizing the new series.

"When I was a kid my dad would hold my little sister's hands behind her back and tickle her intensely until she nearly peed herself," Powers said. "Unfortunately it never progressed to ass-gaping sodomy. I guess that's illegal or something."

The first volume of Tied! Tickled! Fucked! stars Kimberly Kane, Aubrey Addams, Dana DeArmond, Otto Bauer and Alex Sanders.

"Shooting Tied! Tickled! Fucked! was really an interesting experience," Powers reflected. "When bound and tickled these sluts really give up total control to the creeps we use as male talent. Not only does it have a lot of stroke value, it's also a metaphor for life. If you give over control and trust to someone, they're probably going to fuck you up the ass."

Aspiring sex criminals can order this groundbreaking DVD online at www.jerkoffzone.com.