'Poultrygeist' Haunts Hustler Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD — Cult director Lloyd Kaufman threw an opening weekend cocktail reception for his latest Troma Entertainment feature Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead on Friday night at Hustler Hollywood.

Kaufman presented Hustler's Teresa Flynt with an honorary "Troma Diploma" while guests dressed as characters from Poultrygeist and The Toxic Avenger. Ron Jeremy made one of his trademark late-late-night entrances to celebrate his own cameo in the movie (perhaps he followed the scent of free fried chicken from down the road at the Rainbow?).

Also in attendance were scream queen Elske McCain, Count Smokula, director James Gunn, Satine Phoenix, Eve Mayfair and Tabitha Taylor.

To see Gia Jordan's photos from the event, click here.