Position of the Day Book and Postcards

By Nerve.com

Chronicle Books

October 2003

ISBN: 0811839575

374 pp; US $9.95 (book), US $8.95 (p/c)

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Oh, the Nerve.

Editors Emma Sharp and Lorelei Sharkey, notorious for their "Em and Lo Down" sex and relationship advice column on the site for "thoughtful hedonists," started publishing those cute-and-clever line-drawn "Position of the Day" cartoons on Nerve "for the name-dropping," they say in an intro here.

However, people started taking that shit serious, as it were, and while the Em-and-Lo-penned Introduction mentions nothing about liability, it does chronicle, briefly, the tales of Nerve.com members who would write in, describing "their attempts at Scaling Mount Pleasant? [pg. 200]" among other complaints, boastings and outrage.

The book itself is laid out in "daily inspirational" format, like quote-of- or word-of-the-day publications. Graphics are very simple: The familiar line drawings appear against grey or black panels, and red text is used to signify the position?s descriptor ("Port-O-Hottie," "Sit On It Mrs. C.," "Missionary: Impossible" and "Immoral Support," to name a few standouts) and date designations.

The postcards come standard 30 to a pack, on nice, thick cardstock, with black print against mostly white backgrounds, though some are red. Both incarnations are illustrated with anatomically-correct figures. All-inclusivity points to Nerve for not only depicting the more traditional schematics, but providing, as their press release trumpets, "inspiration for all persuasions and preferences!" There?s boy/girl, boy/boy, girl/girl, twosomes, threesomes and moresomes, as well as rather gymnastic utilizations of chairs, desks, doorframes, tables, chin-up bars, and "other props to ensure support."

At your own risk, people.