Pornication Gets A Makeover

Under the aegis of new owners Gamma Entertainment, live video service Pornication has undergone a whole new makeover. 

“The major objective in the redesigning process was making the site as surfer friendly as possible,” Pornication Account Manager Joel Drapeau told “The main goal was to get the new users as comfortable as possible on their first visit to the site.” has improved the quality of its live feeds and now features a system that enables the user to choose the model of his choice out of the hundreds of models that are currently available. This system gives Pornication the opportunity to add an undetermined number of models.  By adding a dynamic schedule that allows the surfer to verify the different time schedules in which his favourite model is set to perform, they have made it easier for surfers to use their services. 

“The new design is a lot more user friendly,” Drapeau continued. “We now have thumbnails of the models that are online, compared to the old design where you had room numbers and had to pick the number of the room instead of the girl.  And most important, we now can have more than nine girls online at the same time. We also added great new features, like models bio so the surfer can learn a little bit more about the girl/guy that he likes and we also have different contest that allows surfers to win Private sessions. 

“Users will find it easier to find there way through the site, as all of the information is on the main page,” Drapeau added. “It is easy to access the info and also to know where to go and what to do. And having thumbnails of the models allows the surfer to pick a model without going over the nine rooms.”