PornHub to Rivers, Hirsch: One Mil for a Sex Tape

LOS ANGELES—The world may never know if porn king Steven Hirsch suffers from “performance anxiety,” but not for lack of trying. In a gesture that simply has to be tongue-in-whatever, has taken a page out of the Vivid bible and extended an offer in writing to Hirsch’s new squeeze, Melissa Rivers, offering her the opportunity to perform in a sex video and earn a cool mil doing it. She was encouraged to bring her boyfriend along for the ride.

Needless to say, news of the offer, complete with the letter on Pornhub stationary from one Corey Price, VP of marketing for the Manwin-owned tube site, was posted first to TMZ.

“First off, congratulations on your recent ‘Shidduch’ with Mr. Steven Hirsch ‘The King of Porn’!” the letter begins, referring to the Hebrew word for an arranged marriage, which may not quite fit the couple’s current relationship status, but who knows!?

“We are very happy to see that you two have hit it off, and are getting to know each other better,” Price continues. “I don’t need to tell you that this is big news, and over 16 million viewers who frequent our site everyday (sic) are curious to see more of you… literally!”

Price then gets to the point, writing, “We love our loyal visitors, and always strive to give them what they want to see, and they want to see a celebrity sex tape with YOU!

“I know your new boyfriend is very well versed in the legalities of these kinds of tapes, and he will explain to you what we'd need in terms of documentation to put this out legally,” he continues. “We would also like to encourage you to include Mr. Hirsch in this tape, since our audience is very curious to see not only how a ‘Porn King’ performs, but what turns HIM on!”

The letter goes on to praise the 43-year-old as “more than just Joan Rivers’ daughter, we believe you are a sexy Jewish American Princess, and to date, there has never been a celebrity sex tape that exploited this genre.”

JAPs are a stereotype, of course, and not a “genre,” but what the hell. The offer is what counts, right, and according to Price, the proposed “compensation package… could make you well over a million dollars with a generous advance, and 30% of the back end profits, of course this is negotiable.”

AVN has reached out to Hirsch to see if Melissa and he are entertaining even a flicker if interest in the overture, but have yet to hear back. Of course, the new couple doesn’t have to go anywhere to explore the wild world of celebrity sex tape infamy. When you’re dating the king of celebrity sex tapes, there's no need to eat out when the cooking’s just as good, or better, at home.

The letter from to Melissa Rivers can be read here.