Pornhub Names Alexzandra Kekesi as Head of Community and Brand

NEW YORK—, a property of the Montréal-based firm MindGeek, today announced the appointment of Alexzandra Kekesi as Head of Community and Brand. In this new role, Kekesi will oversee all external initiatives for one of the largest platforms on the internet, as well as community efforts, non-profit partnerships, and the company’s engagement strategy with its network of hundreds of thousands of adult performers and creators.

Kekesi will also oversee Pornhub’s creative direction and its ventures in the culture, art and tech spaces.

A key focus of Kekesi’s work will be leading the fight against discrimination facing the adult industry, including in the form of social media censorship, financial and banking discrimination,  as well as the bias and stigma that hinder those working in the adult industry.

“I am thrilled to be stepping into an executive role at Pornhub during this critical moment for the industry,” Kekesi said. “After having worked in the adult industry for nearly a decade, I have seen a lot of promising growth and evolution with respect to Pornhub’s identity, priorities and ethics. As Head of Brand and Community, I look forward to seizing every opportunity I can to extend our advocacy efforts, deepen our relationship with the sex work community and engage in exciting and enriching cultural endeavors.”

AVN Hall of Famer Asa Akira, who is a brand ambassador for Pornhub, lauded the appointment of Kekesi. "Alex has been the driving force behind Pornhub my entire time here, and the absolute reason the brand has been so successful," she said. "Most crucially, Alex is aggressively pro-sex work, and fights for us—especially those of us that are even further marginalized within our community—proudly, making sure that we are not just seen and heard, but celebrated. To have someone that supports us like this at the head table of the biggest brand our industry has ever seen, representing us, is so important. I can wholeheartedly attest to the fact that Alex is a true ally, which is something that’s sadly missing from a lot of adult business brands.

"I am so proud of this moment for Pornhub, Alex, and our entire community," Akira added. 

Mike Stabile, the director of public affairs at adult industry trade group the Free Speech Coalition, echoed Akira's sentiments, noting, "At a time when our lives and business are under attack, it's crucial to have someone like Alexzandra at the forefront of the conversation. Alex knows the issues, and she knows the community. No one questions Pornhub's deftness at consumer branding and publicity. Much of the credit for that lies with Alex, and in elevating her to a more public-facing role, Pornhub is bringing that same talent and determination to global discussions of consent and safety, and censorship. I couldn't be happier to be able to be in the fight alongside her."

Kekesi previously served as Director of Marketing for Pornhub, a role in which she led the company’s outreach and brand-building initiatives, including art and cultural collaborations that saw Pornhub work with museums around the world; the creation of Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center, which provides information on a range of topics pertaining to love, sexuality and health; as well as the conception of the Pornhub Awards, which in April celebrated its fifth annual installment, awarding a Lifetime Achievement Award to Stormy Daniels at a celebration event headlined by a performance from Diplo.

Kekesi has overseen several other major initiatives over the years, including the recent Pillow Talk Consent Event, a roundtable discussion and video series on the topic of consent featuring actor and director Chloë Sevigny, author Liara Roux, Pornhub’s Kira Noir, and many more; as well as the Pornhub Literacy 101 series, an instructive video series guiding Pornhub’s users through the ins and outs of the platform’s Trust and Safety Measures, directed by and starring Liz Goldwyn.