Begins Podcasting Video Content

A new adult site claims to be the first to deliver video content via podcast technology. offers continuously updated channels of content from popular porn sites delivered to users desktops, with support for iPod media players in development. All channels are currently free and feature NastyDollars content. A subscription service offering premium content slated for launch in the next quarter.

“We are concentrating on proving our model and improving the service,” says president John Gibson. “As soon as we are comfortable that we have everything tuned, we will begin offering premium licensed content for all tastes.”

In the same way that sites like adapt to customer’s tastes, Gibson believes that podcasting will bring this refinement to the online adult industry.

“One of the beauties of podcasting is that you can deliver content customized down to the level of individual users or insert interesting new features that customers may not even be aware of.”

Since the release of the latest video enabled iPod, there has been a growing expectation that podcasting will be adopted by the adult industry. is seeking to lead the industry by being first to market and first in developing a workable business model.

“Podcasting is poised to upset the traditional arrangement of advertising programs and complex and expensive networks of affiliations that separate producer and consumer,” says Gibson. “By delivering content immediately and directly, we will lower business costs, provide greater convenience to customers and dedicated distribution channels to producers.”