PopPorn, Zero Tolerance Co-production in Jeopardy

LOS ANGELES - Adult news and entertainment blog PopPorn.com shot material for its first-ever adult movie last week in Los Angeles in conjunction with Zero Tolerance, but now the fate of the film appears to be up in the air.

Thursday, PopPorn issued a press release saying it was "in a battle with the studio over the release of the film," and asserted that Zero Tolerance called the movie "unreleasable" because not enough footage was shot for a full feature. PopPorn editor Brian Bangs admits to troubles during filming, but disputed those claims.

"We shot an incredible film. There were issues on set that were a problem, sure, but it's a great fucking movie," Bangs told AVN.com. "I'm not sure what the issue is."

Zero Tolerance owner Greg Alves spoke to AVN.com as well and questioned PopPorn's claims, but said he is willing to work things out.

"I was surprised to see the press release that they [PopPorn.com] sent out, as I would never air dirty laundry in public," he told AVN.com. "With that said, they've put me in a position where I need to comment - so let me just say this: The footage that they shot is phenomenal, the quality of the footage is not an issue at all; however, their professionalism leaves something to be desired."

"From the time that they arrived here until the time that they left, they acted like they knew more than we did, were rude and quite simply, difficult," Alves said. "I couldn't believe that they walked into our offices after having been up the entire night before drinking and demanded that we cut them a $2,000 check for their room service bill. Clearly, they watched the movie Almost Famous one too many times. In spite of everything, however, I remain hopeful that we can resolve our differences amicably."

PopPorn's on set accounts can be found in two production diaries at PopPorn.com.