Pop Star Seeks Big-Breasted Adult Star for Video Shoot

LOS ANGELES—A major internationally known pop star is seeking a large-breasted Asian or Caucasian porn star to audition tomorrow for a shoot in Los Angeles.

This film is a docudrama starring a current famous pop star that will be disclosed during the booking process. There is a non-disclosure agreement involved.

The pay rate is $1,000, call time is for 10 p.m. and the filming will only be a few hours.

According to the casting details the performer is "in the scene, surfing on the internet and calling the lead actor/pop star and yelling/complaining that she didn't get invited to his album release party."

The performer should be between 18-40 years old and must be a cup size D or larger.

The scene is described as highly comedic with the dialogue improvised. There is no sex or physical interaction with anyone else in the scene, but nudity is involved.

To be considered, email [email protected] and include photos that show breast size, along with age, height, weight and measurements.