Pleasure Productions Creates Limited Edition Pleasure Girl Watches

Pleasure Productions' new merchandising concept aims to help fans of Krystal Steal, Gina Lynn and Nikki Benz have a good time even when telling the time.

For $39.95 fans of any of the three women can buy a watch that portrays a photograph of Pleasure Girl Nikki Benz, former Pleasure Girl Gina Lynn, former Pleasure Girl Krystal Steal or all three blonde porn stars posing together.

Each watch has a silver case that frames the face of the dial. Production of each design is limited to 250 sequentialy numbered pieces.

"It's fun and it’s different. It's a collector's item that makes sense. It can help brighten up one's day when you sneak a peek to look at the time and see a sexy girl's face looking back at you," Mitch Mitchell, spokesman for Pleasure Productions, told

The Pleasure Girl watches will be released in the near future at the following locations : Pleasure,,,,, and Pleasure is considering widening their distribution to wider a consumer base soon after the initial launch.

Krystal Steal recently became the first ClubJenna contract performer. Gina Lynn now works as a freelance performer.

Nikki Benz still works exclusively for Plearure Productions.