Playboy TV Carried by Poland Internet Network

ASTER, one Poland’s largest providers of telecommunication services, has launched a pilot project in Warsaw and surrounding areas to deliver television via Internet network. Playboy TV is the first channel made available by ASTER.

ASTER is the first telecommunications operator in Poland to offer the service.

This service allows ASTER subscribers to access a TV channel using a computer connected to the ASTER Internet network. TV signal is transformed into IP transmission and then passed via Internet network to all connected ASTER subscribers. It can then be seen through the Internet browser using the Real Player application.

This is the first time that the capabilities of IP Multicast technology have been applied in Poland. The technology allows for the optimum use of the existing infrastructure and ensures the maximum quality of a transmitted signal.

Playboy TV's programming includes movie premieres, documentaries, series and reality shows. The channel will be available to monthly subscribers in Warsaw and surrounding areas for customers subscribing to the Internet tiers TwojDom, TwojSwiat and TwojaFirma.

Playboy TV will be transmitted daily from 9 p.m. to 5.30 a.m.